Award Nomination Letters

  1. Antreas is a teaching assistant for Machine Learning Practical (MLP) and consistently goes out of his way on Piazza and through slack to thoroughly answer student questions. Antreas not only provides answers, but provides students with in depth citations and other sources as a spring board for deeper understanding of the challenging subject matter. I feel l learn more from speaking with Antreas than from chapters or lectures because the intuitive way he distills and communicates knowledge. Antreas is also approachable outside of class hours welcoming questions at all times. This type of dedication and passion for the subject is inspiring and the students of MLP greatly benefit from Antreas’ role as support staff.

  2. Antreas has been extremely supportive and helpful during tutorials, lab sessions and also outside the scheduled sessions via Piazza forum. I have been very impressed by his approach to tutorials, in which he helped us make clear plans about how to tackle the coursework in Machine Learning Practical, which is a very demanding coursework-based course. Each group has its own project, and I really like how Antreas gives every group individual attention that helps us complete the projects more successfully. He gives also excellent feedback on how we have progressed with our projects, and I think this helps a lot. Moreover, I appreciate that Antreas has made it very clear that we are welcome to ask questions whenever needed - not only during tutorials or lab sessions. I am also very impressed by how knowledgeable and enthusiastic Antreas is about deep learning - for example, he has been able to help quickly with problems encountered when implementing particular machine learning models and he has been able to give very useful suggestions on which advanced approaches we could use in later parts of our project. His expertise has helped me find the right way on how to tackle the project my group has chosen. Antreas is very active on Piazza forum, and I really appreciate how quickly he responds to student’s queries. His answers on Piazza often contain very useful details, which really helps with continuing in doing our projects successfully. He also gives the class a lot of useful material that we can use and adapt, and as a result we can get our experiments running more quickly. All in all, I really like how approachable and helpful Antreas is, and I can clearly see that he puts a lot of effort in helping us do our coursework successfully. Combined with his passion and expertise, his work really makes a strong difference to how the popular and challenging MLP course is delivered.

  3. He is incredibly smart and clearly 100% dedicated to his field. There is a lot one can learn from the way he works. He is also very approachable you have any questions or problems with anything he goes out of his way to help more so far anyone else. Antreas consistently goes above and beyond to help students in Machine Learning Practical by thoroughly answering Piazza questions quickly answering on slack into the late Toursome night, and operating office hours. Not only does he answer student questions he provides directions for deeper research into the challenging are encouraging us to ch ourselves beyond what the course calls for. Antreas inspires students with his dedication to teaching and works hard to make MLP accessible. He seems to be the unsung hero of MLP.

  4. Antreas tutored the Machine Learning Practical course this semester. Throughout the course he demonstrated incredible willingness to help students succeed as well as knowledge or the maternal. When my group had to recover from a major setback in the course, he was incredibly helpful in meeting with us and help us pick a new direction. He was always available to give a helping hand to our group and others, and went above and beyond to make sure everyone was on track for a good project, often staying around way past his office hours to answer questions When my group emailed him with a draft proposal for our report, he was very courteous in taking the time to read it and give us feedback. We would have not been able to succesfully complete the coursework without him.